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Spiritfree - A Manifesto

October 01, 2020 2 min read

Spiritfree - A Manifesto

In honor of the considered nonalcoholic cocktail, a stimulating beverage of diverse and distinct ingredients, I would like to petition that we cease referring to the nonalcoholic mixed drinks we serve as “mocktails” and assign a name more befitting the care and the skill that goes into creating the beverage.

The very term “mocktail,” evokes negative feelings. The word is merely the combination of “mock” and “cocktail.” So then, is it a mockery of a cocktail, a disappointment since it isn’t a “real” cocktail? Looking at the definition of “mock” in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, one may tend to agree that the connotations are negative. I do not want to serve, nor do I want to be served a mockup of a beverage or an attempt at a cocktail. I want a proper drink! Something made with care and thoughtfulness, that takes into account the ingredients, balance, technique, and most of all, the person for whom the beverage is made.

The thought to change the way we talk about nonalcoholic mixed drinks is not a new idea. There is an increasing number of individuals speaking out against the term “mocktail.” In response to that, here are some names that have been used for these delightful drinks instead of “mocktail:”

- Virgin Cocktail - Virgin “iteration of a cocktail”

- Soft Cocktail - Soft Drink

- Nonalcoholic Cocktail - Nonalcoholic Drink

- Zero Proof Cocktail - Zero Proof Drink

- Alcohol Free Cocktail - Alcohol Free Drink

All of these names include an adjective that implies the drink is somehow weak or lacking. I propose that we call these stimulating beverages of diverse and distinct nonalcoholic ingredients something entirely new: spiritfree. Yes, there are no spirituous — alcoholic ingredients, which this name embraces. There is something lighthearted, and intentional about the name spiritfree. It’s not holding back, nor is it being held back. Spiritfree means flavors deliciously mixed together. A spiritfree is a balanced, well thought-out nonalcoholic cocktail.

Let us show awareness and empathy for people who cannot and who choose not to drink alcoholic beverages. Let us take action and create a term with positive connotations, which empowers the customer and the bartender. Let us serve spiritfrees.

Spiritfree [spi-ritfree]
noun, plural spiritfrees
Any variety of stimulating nonalcoholic mixed drink made of diverse and distinct ingredients.

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